Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Raw is War

I tried to not make this a race issue.
I know why certain artists get certain types of attention.
It's got nothing to do with talent.
It's about how white you appear.
I honestly tried not to expose the hidden racism of all forms of business.

But now I see it's time.

Beyoncé wouldn't be as popular if she didn't dye her hair blonde and use ratchet behavior to express herself.
Drake wouldn't be as famous if he wasn't Jewish.
I would've BEEN had an album out, but I am a Black man with big, Black lips, AND I don't partake in homosexual behavior.
Especially in the mixed company of The Illuminati.
Jay-Z wouldn't be such a corporate darling if he didn't speak in a language the higher ups would understand.

I spent most of my life denying my race.
I was ashamed of the behavior of the inner city.
Now I understand the unexplainable behaviors of the Public Enemy generation.
We've got to fight he powers that be.

Even if it means not buying an album of mine.

Black peoples have been struggling for freedom since we got to this continent.
Even in times when we were at home.

It was always one of us to enslave the other.
When our white counterparts saw we saw value in enslaving ourselves, they jumped at the chance to do the same.

Our Native American brothers suffered the same fate.
We are pigeonholed to this nation.

Us Blacks helped builds the pyramids.
The Natives would took on the land once taken from them.

Nowadays, we are slaves to contracts and bills.
And finer things, as designed by other minorities.
Althoguh what is considered minority really is the majority.

Black people, I ask that you forgive and understand my self hate, both of the past and of the present.
An enslaved Black artist makes better music than a free spirit.
Because the free spirit will never desire to know the pain of slavery.
I'm proud of my free music.
I'm not proud of the music business.
Or business in general.

Black artists, inform yourself as to how you can thrive without bowing to the White man.

It's too late for me.
And with my luck, this post will get me in deep shit.
But understand.
The fight continues, as another generation has to deal with the consequences of us as Black people enslaving iutselves.

But don't blame yourself, Black people.
We are a catalyst for creation.
Jealousy has reared its ugly head.

I see you, Macklemore.
I see you, G Eazy.

Though Eminem paid his dues, he is merely a factor in the ever growing point of white supremacy.

The point?
Whites can do what Blacks do, on the backs of Blacks, and be more successful.

I'm exhausted from being a diplomat of racial equality.
I now see and understand the fight.
Though in guilty of hating Black people myself.

It's not about us doing better.
It's about us getting what we deserve, and making it back home in one piece.

Obama wasn't what we were looking for, and he knows it.
The executive office is just the face of what is going on in the country.
We need more Black judges.
More Black Senators.

Cory Booker, where you at?

I can't endorse either party in this election.
Too many racial issues on both parts.
This is a race for the higher ups to dictate.
We as a people need to obey the law so well, that when the law is violated by the police, we can lash out and be justified by the Supreme Court.
Some people probably thought I was saying to toe the line.
I wasn't.
I just thought I had a level of control over the goings on in federal offices.

And I do.

I'm the face of why they are bugging out.

A young, illuminated Black man who is willing to do anything for the people.

Stay safe, Black people.
White people, if the world isn't as biased as you tell me it is, prove it.
And to all other races, it can only get worse.
Don't rush to live here.
The hate is disguised as democracy.

I now have to watch my back.

The Illuminati is racist, sexist, and Godless!!!!!!!!!!
But we've gone beyond prayer.
We are at the point of action.

And by the way, Harlem.
If I indeed was trapped in a doom, you would have the world on a string.
I don't want such to be the case, but I would be proud to see you empowering yourself, outside of (what is considered) a township.

Stay Black, fuck Universal, and believe in SEGA.


~follow the buzzards~

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