Thursday, July 28, 2016

Slackin' on my Mac

I was supposed to be posting the lyrics to my new(er) music on here.
I haven't been doing so.
I received such positive feedback on the lyrics (quotables) that it doesn't make sense to keep doing it.

Remember, I'm looking for the negative.

So what it's not healthy?

It's my fuel.

Alas, I have another new mixtape to drop, and the lyrics are titanium.

"Microphone check of the lecturer. Step up, and I'm messing up. But guess what? The messenger of the mess-up is gonna mess you up. So what's next?"
-Charles Hamilton, "BBM"

I have grown as a lyricist.
But, I've also gone from lyricism to MCing.
To MC is an artform in and of itself.
I can't tell you how to MC.
That would be snitching, and all my niggas in jail would kill me.

Shouts to F Pod.

The only thing I can say is, MCing is something women do on the regular.

I'm still very confused about Drake.
Is he a friend?
A foe?
A competitor?
Could it be a high level of worship that I'm simply not ready for?
Or could it be a revolution of the evil kind?

I don't want to fight Drake.
I want to make music with him.
But I made an entire album with Chris Young, the way I would with Drake.

It seems like I fulfilled two destinies.

But there is always Jay.

Damn, Hov.
Can't you clean up your tray table when you fly?

Still working on music.
Holla at me.

And for those who don't know, my social media is as follows:


CharlesHamiltonMusic (I rarely use IG, but go ahead)

Charles Hamilton (you'll know it's me when you see it)

But I'd rather you meet me here.

~follow the buzzards~

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