Tuesday, July 05, 2016

The Joy of Music

Before she passed, my mom gave me her record collection.
I think that made me love her more.
My mom had an AWESOME record collection.

Some of the records I didn't understand.
Now they are all I wish to speak.

I love my own collection, though.

I know what I want to hear, and I know what needs to be heard.

With that said, I'm still looking for DJ gigs in the city.

Pete Rock, J Dilla and DJ Premier are my turntable influences.

I love Rob Swift, but I think he has an issue with SEGA.

Large Pro, too.

I need all DJs to believe.

DJ Jazzy Jeff can help you.

Though sometimes I wish he would buzz off, shouts to Jay-Z.

He was there for my birthday wish to be a DJ.

I remember practicing scratching on my mom's turntable set, before she came home from work.

I used to go ballistic, but I couldn't go through all her records.

So many, and no time to clean up before she got home.

I wish my mom wasn't so hard on me growing up.
Then I could believe her when she said she loves my music.

I'm so hard on myself with music.
Just like mom was on me.

So pardon me, but I hate my music.
It's too real, too honest, and it makes me cry every time I listen to myself tell my story.

This coming documentary isn't telling the whole story of my childhood, so it's all up to me to provide a blow-by-blow of being... indoctrinated at a young age.

Without anyone's permission.

Now do you feel me, Illuminati?

~follow the buzzards~

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