Saturday, July 23, 2016

Wrists and Leeches

I owe my arms an apology.
Instead of cutting them, I could've cut off some niggas in my life.

We can all agree Im talented.
But some only acknowledge my musical ability, while exploiting my other, less noted abilities.

Pardon me for having a belief system.

I'm not asking for your fucking pity.
I'm only asking for an open mind.

Everything I've done was on purpose, except meet you.
I didn't PLAN ON meeting you.
I just dug you enough to adopt some of your traits.

Despite my better judgement.

Now, these so-called friends are being slick.
They don't need me around, but they need me to elevate them when they WANT me around.

How about I just stop answering nigga's calls?
Or just stop asking for constructive criticism?

It's been beyond and outside of music for about 6 years now.
I've been the decent and pacifistic one.
But one day, I'm just gonna go OFF.

Don't be the one to catch it.

I'm not trying to go back to jail.
I'm not willing to compromise anymore.
I'm tired of certain individuals in my life.

They have exhausted heir presence.

Since I'm no longer a wonder, their no longer a desire.

A desire to share my gift with.

I could thank you, but you play the same game they play.
They'll say you're just trying to get to me.
And your track record would prove them right.

I'm thankful for those who held me down when I appeared to have nothing.
But such is not a license to abuse my something.

So One.
I serve a master already.

Maybe not God, but certainly inn God's arms reach.

I'm tired of talking.
If you don't like something I'm doing, keep it to yourself.
It's been 10 years.
No records sold on a mainstream scale.

I can't pose a threat to you.
So you being on my dick shows you have no control over your penis envy.

Grow up, boys.
Because I have.

May the permanent scars of self-inflicted doom be the witness and evidence of such.

I sound like a ratchet (rachit) Facebook bunny.

But still.
Fuck you all.

Drake is free to worship.
So is Jimmy.
So is Jay-Z.
So is anyone who tries to take me from me.

Including Dr. Dre.

Now J Dilla on the other hand...

~follow the buzzards~

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