Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Astrological Estrogen, soothed by CBW (Pete Rock).

Someone is speaking on it.
A GOD(-dess?), no less.
Pete Rock has LONG been an inspiration for me.
It's about time a legend step forward and speak on the negative vibes ("...vibration...") of modern-day hip-hop.


Desiigner (Danjer; [I hope]) didn't actually use 808s.
Not even the claps.
There's dead ass a bass in the beat.
See for yourself.

So ladies, you can twerk ALL DAY to this beat and not feel like your period is coming early.
And with your twerking comes an understanding of just how ILL this song is.

Props to Desiigner.

Look Universe/Galaxy. You're making me want to rap to this beat.
I'm trying to chill.
It's cool to be hot, but it's not to be a fool.


Gangsta rappers, holla at me!!!

~follow the buzzards~

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