Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Being a cunt.

He is who you want.
Jack Splash.
This is not snitching.
This is just clarifying something.
Clearly, I'm too PUSSY to be The Devil.
I'm not Jack.
I have too..... WAY too much love in my heart.
But I'm evil.

But where would I be without Mr. Splash?
He brought my self-esteem up in 2009.
He shouted me out in 2012, when NO ONE gave a fuck.
He rapped over one of my beats and BIGGED UP SEGA!!!!!!!!!!

Alas, this is more about who and what he is.

I can neither confirm nor deny the fact he's John Nintendo.
All I know is, he's got beef with Reptilians.
A lovely race of individuals who simply want to exist in nice temperature environments, but always end up in Hell.

So, thank you Jack.
For doing something so despicable, I am unable to talk about it.

But I won't deck you.
I won't even mention this blog to you, if we ever see each other again.
In fact, I'll be so loving, you'll think I'm as fake as those who want to take you down.

Because YOU'RE not being real.
At all.



And Ryan, I might show Jack some Godly love, but I'll FUCK YOU UP!

Let me chill before my uncle reads this and say I'm buggin.
I'm gone.
Bed time.
Drake, get busy.

("Truth be told, after all that's said, niggas still got love for ya!"
-Jay-Z, "Why I Love You")

~follow the buzzards~

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