Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Chronicles of a Primitive Mixtape

I recorded a new mixtape last night.
It's called Planet of the Grapes.
Grape is the name of a possibly real emcee.
I see him when I imagine someone better, after I give all I got to the mic.
He's white.
In fact, he looks like Woody.
But he's got soul.
It's kinda bad how much soul this white boy has.

He would be an alternative rock version of Drake.
Sings his hooks like me.
Worships me in his bars.

But is a competitor.

And I imagine the entire world agreeing with everything he says.

To the point of worshipping him.

Like they do Drake.

But he swears he's not an enemy.

There is something I'm missing in my life.
And Grape has it.
And in my eyes, so does the rest of the world.

But Grape is Pop.

So I challenge any and all Grapes to be creative with production that is not trap.
When and if you get to me and my production, you will lose all control and never be the same again.

After I recorded this pop-ly underground mixtape, I started looking up some instrumentals.
Turns out, I found a new favorite producer.
He's like Kan Kick and Oh No, with a slight ME (smiley!) influence.

He's not trying to be like Dilla, but he uses an MPC.
He's not trying to be like 9th, but he chops.
And his chops are beastly.

Check him out.

I don't want to share him with the world (which is a sign; ask Dilla), but I feel great talent should be rewarded with recognition.

Planet of the Grapes is coming soon.
The first single is on my Facebook page.
And on my SoundCloud.

Search for me on both.

It's an early morning, I haven't slept (yet), and I got some records to find.

~follow the buzzards~

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