Monday, 29 August 2016

I BEEN down.

Yeah, I'm down.
But not out.
And far from done.

Thank you Brandon Boyd for those words of wisdom.

I just had an interesting Twitter session with some StarChasers.
Apparently, they want to FEEL the music like they did in my earlier works.
I told them that all my emotion is in my lyrics.
My beats have raw emotion on them as well, I'm just having more fun being more DJ minded than before.

Before, I knew how to make you groove.
I still do.
It's just, now I have a greater responsibility to and with music.
So my sample choice isn't for easy listening.
In fact, none of my music from 2012 and beyond is for easy listening.
It's pretty hardcore.

Hopefully, such won't get me arrested.

I got some work to do, so I'll probably be back on later.
Just stay tuned.

And shouts to Randaman from Definitely Amazing.
I will be posting our interview for "Saturday Morning Cartoons and Cereal " very soon.

If I haven't already.

~follow the buzzards~

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