Friday, August 26, 2016

Killing in the name of...

I once wanted to be the first Black president.
Then, Barack Obama.
I'm not mad anymore, but he will forever be the Big Pun of politics.

A dream shatterer.

Moving on.

I really need to make some money.
The album is delayed, the only show I'm doing (for a while) is the Bowery DJ set, and no one is buying beats.
I can't front, Muhammad Hamli got his back against the ropes.

Some "fan" yesterday called himself "expressing an opinion" about my new music.
Basically saying, just because he doesn't understand the meaning behind my new music doesn't mean it's as great as I believe it to be.
I can brush it off, but it's a bit deeper.
There are things my brain/mind has access to that not everyone else can comprehend.
I make light of it.
Doing so makes me smile.
Anyone who knows ANYTHING about music knows how WRAP that shit is.

I feel bad for the victims of police officers, but what do you do when a victim runs the government?

Back to Obama.

If my back was as against the wall as I perceived it to be, then I feel no shame or guilt.
Someone has to acknowledge the inner hog in me.

So I may have lost favor among Black people.

Why does it feel like I'm running for office?

Every election... and I mean EVERY election, I try to prove I am more capable of running the government than the people running.
If I endorse Wilver (Hillary), Dilla (Trump) will be tight.
Vice versa.

Neither of them have any business (technically) running for office.
Dilla should stick to sound and Silver should stick to psyworks.
Very simple.

But no.

Everyone is going above and beyond the call of duty.

Such would be cool, but MY toes are being stepped on.
The multiplayer game of politics (in modern times) was designated to ME, a LONG TIME time ago.

Whether you choose to believe it or not.

Fine then.
I'm taking music.
I will excel with it.
And NO ONE will be better.
You can diss me.
You can work with legendary producers.
You could even sample ME.
But at the end of the day, music knows its Jesus.

And I'll die again to show it the power of a resurrected Charles Hamilton.

End of entry.

~follow the buzzards~

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