Thursday, September 01, 2016

" time machine."

I was once a sucker for love.
A sucker of love.

Then 2012.

Then I lost love.
But I gained a love and devotion to music like never before.
Music, I love you more than anything.
I want to love romance, but music has my heart.


Even though this is a love song, I still feel/felt a void.
I wasn't making the kind of music I love and that loves me back.

Through God I found SEGA.
Through SEGA I found Satan.
Through Satan I found Nintendo.
Through Nintendo, I found SEGA again.

All of the aforementioned love and respect Charles Hamilton.

Charles Hamilton is The All Seeing Eye.

It feels like it's pointless to put out music/blog, because YOU CAN ALREADY SEE WHAT I'M TYPING/HEAR WHAT I'M SAYING (or recording).
So respect the sacrifice.
At the same time, I need not be too defensive, because this could all be a strike against my name.
Hence the existence of Drake and his post-Illuminati movement.

You may pick up a vibe that I feel I sold out (or souled out) when I signed to Turn First.
Though my soul is in talking about SEGA and I was asked not to talk about them, that's still not as bad as what would normally have to be done in order to even get this opportunity.
And in recent times, they allowed me to talk about such matters in my music, as long as it's in the independently released music.

I had to say that, because I was listening to "G" (from Geriatric Youth) today and it sounds like I dissed them.
I wasn't trying to diss ANY member of SEGA.
Maybe YOU, Scooter, because I STRONGLY hate you.

Even though you could become a non-factor of hate pretty soon.

And I love my dad.
You might be hearing more about me and my dad pretty soon.

I just don't want to lose my 6 over loving family.

Am I allowed to love my family as Satan, despite whatever may have gone down behind my back?
Am I still Him in your eyes?
Can you accept that things (as far as me being the ruler of the world) have always been this way, due in part to my ethereal hard work?

Then accept the new me.

~follow the buzzards~

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