Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Not guilty (a possible repeated title)

I am spiritually being accused of killing Madonna.

I did not kill Madonna.

I happen to respect her ambition.
I think she is an extremist, but having her on one's side is beneficial.
I still wouldn't use her.

By "use her", I mean to manipulate.
I would charm her out of her assess chaps, but I wouldn't put her uncompromising positions.

Even if she is the face of the enemy.

Silver is the voice of opposition.
Madonna (Jay) is the face of the enemy.
And Sonic is the franchise of SEGA.

And dating Meek Mill.

Can my underground tyranny expand into what is now considered the mainstream?

Angry Charles Hamilton says:

This brand new person is accepting the flaws of the scrutinizing eyes placed upon him by fame.
And is more than prepared to face...

The Gatekeeper.

~follow the buzzards~

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