Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Spin yourself dizzy.

There seems to be an unwritten DJ/producer law about not using UBB (Ultimate Breaks and Beats) and DF (Dusty Fingers).
I get it
These "rare" records have been overused.
But there is a such thing as creativity.
I am a proud owner of both collections, with every single volume (minus four records; technical difficulties).

Sha-leik wants to DJ now.
I don't want to teach him.
I already taught him how to make beats.
I've been scratching since 8th grade.
I just have a very Thelonius (sp.?) Monk technique about it.
When I spun in Cleveland, I shocked the onlookers with what I can do.

I have a VirtualDeck.
It's on TheSuperComputer.
But as of 2014, I've been using M•I•K•E•Y, TheSuperLaptop.
No, Trudi isn't dead.
She's just resting.
And to spin on her requires ...well, everything.

I enjoy DJing.
I just need more gigs.

And I'm very much like 9th, in that I spin out of my own personal collection of self-produced music.


The Egyptian Lover is ill.
Don't get me wrong.
But he can't rock the tombs like me.
He puts them to sleep.

I keep they asses UP!

On that note, back to more record hunting.
I got a little check recently, so I'm going hamburgurlar on finding some gems.

I know what to look for, rookies!

~follow the buzzards~

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