Friday, August 26, 2016

The Low High Five

So I mix.
And I mix well.
In 2012, some of my favorite releases were my most "lo-fi" stuff.
However, I was using state-of-the-art technology (namely a tricked-out Logic Pro for recording and ProTools HD for mastering) to make it sound so gritty.
But it wasn't a RZA kind of grit.
It was new.
A new sound.
Not Daniel Johnston either, Dalvyn.
A totally new sound.
It might not be able to be in a DJ set (sorry; gotta think about the speakers), but it's certainly good for home usage.

And consumption.

I recorded the lo-fi ass Skate Key in '87 project in an expensive, extensive studio.
And UStreamed it.
So you saw the process.
Both in the mix and in the recording.

So how dare some of you critique my sound!

I remember NOT using compression in my music.
And it was considered hi-fi.
But I recorded these songs in lo-fi, non-traditional studios.

And I'm not talking about FDA.

From the Desk Of... was recorded in a Bronx studio.
I knew I wanted the album to sound like a conversation.
I didn't want too many effects.
I just wanted it to sound as personal as possible.

Hope you felt me.

So yeah.
Trust the sound.
And if you want the grit back, just give me the word.
I'll get right to it.

~follow the buzzards~

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