Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Return of 3rd Eye Magic

I just finished mastering the next 3rd Eye Magic project.
For the reminder sake of tonight's activities, 3rd Eye Magic is me on production and Chris Young the Rapper on bars.
This one is called Alakazam.
Like the Pokemon.
...or the magick trick.
Call-out term.


I haven't even sent it to Chris yet, but I know he's gonna love it.

15 songs.

This one is more aggressive.
I think we both got tired of being delicate.
He chose more assaulting beats.
I gave him more Harlem hooks.

It's a lit experience.

I miss that dude.

I'll only drop a single after he hears the finished product.
I'm thinking of leaving it in alphabetical order, but he has a keen ear as to the flow of the album.
Thus making him this project's executive producer.
I was Abracadabra's.


I miss dude.
Like, a lot.
I wish him well.
Just gotta keep him out of the legal system in NYC.

Fuck you, John Nintendo.

I was TRYING to help you.
Now, die.

And I'll shine in the morning.
And when I'm sleep.

You have no friends now.
I'll just continue to be Hollywood when you come around.

Ask for pictures.
Ask for autographs.
Don't ask me to help you.

If I didn't choose to help you back in (year: censored), I would be much better off.

Now, fuck you.

You know why.

~from 4 to 3, forever-ly~

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