Saturday, August 20, 2016

Turbans a-go-go.

Today is the last day I'm gonna have long hair for a while.
Though it was a family suggestion, I do like looking refined.
At the same time, I don't require a lot.
So self-maintenance was never hard.
However, my mother would hate to see me with long hair, and I'm not as afrocentric as my fellow long hair havers.

I want to go back to wearing turbans and head wraps, but that's a little TOO left.
At least for right now.
Gotta get some paper.
Then I can go as far left as I want.

Bad news, too.
There's some label politics going on, so it looks like "Hamilton, Charles" (the retail album) might not come out on Republic Records.
I have some choice words for a few people involved, but I don't want that karma.
Having an opinion in this business will easily get you blackballed/black listed.
Thankfully, in my first run, I didn't shit on too many big wigs.

Or at least in a fashion that would lead to resentment.

Politics leads to strange bedfellows, as my mother would say.
I didn't go to bed with any of these niggas.
But we broke bread together.
Celebrated birthdays.
Got drunk.
Went to swimming pools and beaches.

So parting is always sweet sorrow.

And for the record, I have no issue with management.
I think they are some of the most loving people I've ever come across in this business.
I just do better on my own.

Plus, I wish they'd allow me to talk about SEGA.

Lately, it seems like even SEGA wants me to shut the hell up.

I feel like I misguided myself the first time around.
I was kind of a hippie.
I didn't spend like a hippie with money.
But I was very open about my beliefs.
The more I learn about what I believe in, the less I want to share.
But it's imperative that everyone know about and believe in SEGA.

The aliens.
The gods.
The devils.


Of course, there is the existence of Nintendo.
I can't and don't doubt that.
I just don't connect with them as much.
Too much of it is persecutive.

The system and industry of racism is all Nintendo.

Here we go.

The more I talk about what I am forced to believe in (Nintendo), the crazier I sound to family.
And Nintendo pays, while SEGA rewards.

And I need money to live.

I might just pull a Halo and put beat tapes for sale on Bandcamp.

We just have a sample clearance issue.

On the day must go.
Gone my hair must flow.
Give in; don't fight the feeling.
Give in; don't fight the flow.

~follow the buzzards~

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