Thursday, September 08, 2016


The game of Sonic the Hedgehog is about freeing minds from corporatism.
To be Sonic, be it literal or metaphorical, means to sacrifice yourself for the embetterment of the world at large.
Whether you believe in aliens/SEGA, or the fact that I am ACTUALLY Sonic (despite my mental health and paranoia) doesn't matter, because I already tried to help you.
You either got roboticized or you're so hurt by whatever that you don't want to believe in anything.

Instead of talking through your issues, you go to the scapegoat of it all, and virtually bully him into submission.

Which sucks.

But I can't afford to be distracted by your bafoonary.
You've got skills, but you're tainted.
And I have responded to your disses.
You either don't get it or you're choosing to bask in the sarcastic glory I've been giving you.

Regardless, I feel no pressure to see you or talk about you.
Then again, I'm in hip-hop, so I'm sure your name is gonna come up in my conversation(s).

Just show some respect.
I acknowledge my tragedy, no matter how subtle I do it.
I feel bad for you, but everyday survival as a rape victim is not easy.
So I can't always focus on you.

With that said, I went against my own need for survival to try to give you some sort of solace.
Technically, I have to.
But virtually, I can stop.

With this retail album SUPPOSEDLY dropping next year and my DJ set this Sunday, I'm just gonna continue to ignore you.
The day you speak of is not happening.
My nights are unaccounted for (by me).
So I'll just love SEGA and wish you knew enough to do the same thing.


~follow the buzzards~

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