Thursday, September 08, 2016

Control responses.

I already loved Pete Rock.
But him saying what I didn't want to about these new rappers made me love him more.
Thanks dude.

The Black Market has a lot to do with who's coming out and who's rapping.
If I go into any further details, I'm a snitch.
So I won't.
All I can say is, women have the natural ability to do the same thing.
Controlling rappers.

Such is why I was hesitant about getting into another relationship.

But Lisa is actually helping me.

I'm also hesitant to call her the one, because I've said the same thing about so many other women.

I just want love to be simple again.
Alas, such will never happen.

I'm in the studio with one of my best friends, Black the Beast (Tyrone Writht).
I might make some elektro type shit.
A.k.a. trap.

Pete Rock, in not changing my style.
I'm staying true to the Afro-rhythm.
I just want to mature as a musician.

Sounds like I gotta leave my elektro soul out of this.


~follow the buzzards~

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