Thursday, September 08, 2016

"Shit has gotten to the point..."

I don't like to write.
I don't like people seeing me make beats.

As far as not writing, there's a fine line I have to walk (being in the mainstream), and not only do I not respect the line, I don't feel my content or technique is respected.
I don't do what most rappers do when they record.
And though I love witnesses to when I actually record, there's something special about making pure content on your own.

So there's that.

And my production technique got picked up on by Sha-Leik (well, I taught him). 
And I don't want to teach anyone else.
That might be what separates me from 9th.
This nigga is teaching classes on how to produce.

I already knew the following, but my uncle told me making a beat isn't producing a song.
There's just no one to produce for.
I don't want to groom you into an artist.
Like Dre, I want to use what you already have and make it more explosive.

And magical.

Shouts to Chris Young.

Macy Gray said I was one of the most talented producers she's worked with.
THAT's awesome.
I want to produce for more people, but I sample, and that eats most of the budget.
But Jesus For A Day didn't have a sample.
It was me on keys, Ninja on bass and a simple drum loop behind us.

Shouts to Ninja, man!
I miss that guy.
I saw him once in 2009 or '10. 
He lost a lot of weight and started doing more pop stuff.

Ninja was the engineer for Substance Abuse.

One album, one engineer.

I met him in my first studio session for Interscope.

"I've lived a life that's full..."

~follow the buzzards~

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