Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Illusions and work.

So now NO ONE is who they say/said they are/were.
It's even harder to trust people.
Really the only one I can count on is George Massa.
Which could be a bad thing.

I feel like I gave up the fight to make everyone believe in SEGA.
I tried.
I even moved in (at one point) with potential enemies/non-believers to bring the point home. 
Now I live with family.

It is HARD AS HELL to make a Black family believe in aliens.
Considering all that we as a people have gone through, it's not the easiest sell.
But aliens were always watching.
In fact, we were slaves at one point.
We being aliens.

I read this book in 2001 about Black aliens coming to America and taking over politics.
It's only right we have, not just a Black president (of which I'm still skeptical about) AND aliens running for office.

I hope I didn't ruin either campaign.

Moving on.

I'm still awaiting word on the finished version of the retail album.
As much as I love them, my management team has been getting lax with communication.

Well, there is a season for everything.
Maybe we're getting to the end of ours.

Plenty more music, but I want to clear the marketplace of my music until I get some final word(s) on this album.

I'll be back on here later.

~follow the buzzards~

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