Tuesday, September 06, 2016


Next year may see the release of my first full-length retail album, "Hamilton, Charles".
Co-produced by The Invisible Men and I.
I'm proud of the album.

But what about the passionate free music I've been giving?


I can ONLY promise you 2 new projects, fully produced by me.

And you will only receive them once I am convinced that you believe in the might of SEGA.
That means showing Scooter love.
That means acknowledging J Dilla.
That means staying clear of George Massa.
That means fearing Jack Splash.

And that means to accept the fact I am the real and true Sonic the Hedgehog (sorry, Halo).

I'm back on my pivot, bitches.

Someone requested that I spin Savannah this Sunday.
I just might do that.

I mean, women believe in SEGA.



~follow the buzzards~ 

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