Saturday, September 03, 2016

Plus 2.

Apple worked very hard at avoiding it's Nintendo roots.
But... they were overtaken.
The Magical 8-Bit device dominated the elusive, yet signature Apple sound.
Now, it is up to YOU (the StarChaser) to continue to believe in the interstellar underdog.


Unless SEGA is the bully.

Then... will there ever be a savior?

I am still recording music.
Just not at such a hyperactive pace.
This retail album has been taking ages to release, and the powers that be (minus me) aren't in a rush to do anything.

So now, I'm looking for a studio engineering gig.
As you know, I have been mixing and mastering for almost 15 years.
I've been trained by the best, and I have my own ear as well.

Not only am I looking for an engineering gig, I'm still selling beats.
Verses too, but I have to be careful with whom I give verses to.
We have to agree on the quality and subject manner.

Back to my attempt at obliterating Nintendo.

Unless I myself am John Nintendo, I see no other block to SEGA, other than human doubt.
Being confident in Charles Hamilton has never been harder.
EVERYONE wants to be John Nintendo.

And everyone has taken the rites of passage.

Am I still The One?
Or has my sanctity been taken away through my lustful affairs/midnight manipu?

Allow time to be the decoder.

~follow the buzzards~

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