Thursday, September 22, 2016

The stitches of snitching.

Perhaps letting my spirit drift, both in my sleep and in my music, isn't a good thing.
I've been venting, both audibly and psychically, about situations I got unfortunately wrapped up in.
The songs came out dope, but now it's about cleaning up some messes I've made.
So if you have any questions about my music or the meaning(s) behind some songs, let me know.

My email address is on the side.

I thought about closing this blog not too long ago.
But I have worked so hard on it.
There's some pretty cool stuff in here, too.

As far as the war between SEGA and Nintendo, I am on the side of SEGA.
I just have a little surprise for Nintendo.
It's gonna take all of your belief and faith to carry it out.
Much like Jack Swagger from WWE.
Seeing as how rap has become so much like wrestling.

I did a song last night with this cat named Pharoah.
I think I mentioned him on here before.
He's a Jay incarnate, in that he writes in his head.

And he's actually Hov.

Something tells me that Hov is my end path.
Like, if I work with him, I might be set for life (creatively).
Something's gotta keep me busy.
I'm kinda bored, and I don't want my talent to go to waste.

I'm working on something new.
New music.
Just probably won't get released this year.
And I'm getting frustrated with this whole "deal" thing.
I have some advantages, but I'm really just shielded.

Okay, AutoCorrect. 
I guess I am shielded.

Be back later.

~follow the buzzards~

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