Saturday, 24 September 2016

"I want a five-count!"

I'm thinking of a master plan.
I'm blinging, with the cash in hand.
Fear has bypassed me.
It was God's conspiracy against me to make the world worry enough to worship him.

Thanks, God.
I'll keep that in mind.

When am I going... well, I produced albums for a few people.
Especially this year.

I just need to...
I feel like I produce the best music when I'm producing for myself.
My beats require an element of truth and sacrifice.
There's no need to stunt on my beats.

You can, but you'll feel empty afterwards.

I always wanted to produce a hardcore gangsta album.
Maybe when Max B comes home we can knock out a project.
I can't wait.
Hopefully it happens soon.
Harlem needs a wave.

I'm too pathetic.

"Met her at a rave..."

~follow the buzzards~

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