Thursday, September 01, 2016

When Swag rears its ugly head...

Brooklyn Girls was a sarcastic swag record.
It really was a curse on the one girl it was about.
She was so hardcore, she wouldn't let me cook for her.
I was... confused.
Maybe the better word was bewildered.
It was like my love was too good for her.
And I had already risked a precious relationship to be with her.

But I didn't and couldn't forget the other hardcore Brooklyn girls I've come across.

Not to mention Brooklyn is home to the most hardcore women on the planet.

I just know you can feel my resentment towards Brooklyn girls.
Not the song.
Brooklyn girls.

They can't receive love.
Or, when they do, it's from someone who is rougher than I.
This is why Idaid all women should go to J Dilla.
I'm a lot gentler than a Harlem nigga is supposed to be.

I know I get demerits for using the N word.


I might not spin Brooklyn Gorls on 9/11.
Then again, for New York, I just might.

Thank you to anyone who likes a song from me other than Brooklyn Girls.

I'll be around.

~follow the buzzards~

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