Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Wind blows/VocalTraining

My singing voice has evolved.
Before I was timid to sing.
See From the Desk Of... and the lack of singing on Sover Karaoke.
Then I got slightly more comfortable (eg. The Pink Lavalamp).
Then I just let my voice flow through me.

I experimented with vocal styles.
I started off really bluesy, and realized that my voice was too high to try to be a baritone.
So I started doing falsettos.
They were cool, but I wasn't trying to sound like Pharrell TOO much.
My favorite hook singer is Eminem.
He knows his voice and just goes for it.

If you were introduced to me in 2008-09, you caught me in my rock phase.
Contrary to what Jimmy believes, there was a dark side to my music back then.
You just had to listen for it.
I think Negative Zero and Ninos Del Infiere bespeak such.
I've been down, just not out about being down.

Nowadays, my hooks are more simple, and the melody is easy to catch.
My voice is strangely stronger.
I've been chain smoking, so it's truly a miracle I have the breath control I have.

The moral of this blog entry is to find your voice, and use it to the utmost potential.
The status quo would have you believe that voting is how you get your voice heard.
But if you disagree with any of the parties running, you can always write about what makes you uncomfortable.
As long as you are telling a truth based on facts and not slandering any government official, you still can make your presence felt by them by simply saying what's on your mind in a eloquent, respectful and respectable manor.
We've gotten rid of the "online trolls".
The digital world is now safe for constructive criticism of the outside world.

What will you say?

~follow the buzzards~

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