Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Melancholy melodies.

Hip-hop has gotten more sing-songy.
There's Big KRIT, who actually still raps about substinative stuff.
But everything is based in melody.
Just an observation.

I'm still muscling forward (musically). 
Though I have a lot to lose, I'm just venting my perceived plight whenever I want to.

I made a beat with Sha-Leik yesterday.
I guess it came out cool.
He kinda distorted my view, too.
He knows how he did it.
In fact, all of you do.
I just don't like the esoteric game everyone plays.
We all know I'm right about most things, if I'm not the answer to most questions.

Fuck it.
I gave you the rules.
Check Dope2Go (shouts to Halo).

A lot of underground producers want me to rap over their production.
I'm honored, but I feel somewhat used.
And to be frank, most of you went "on to the next one" a while ago, so you're probably seeing me as a stepping stone.

I don't want to help as much as I did before.
No one thanks me and no one gives me credit when they bite.
So now, I'm giving me to myself.
I bite my own lines.
Then again, it's all conversation to me, so... is it really biting?

This chick keeps messaging me on Twitter and sends me verses.
I'm not sure what reaction she wants.
It/she could be a doomer.
Or, she could be Silver.
With all the answers I've given, I wouldn't be surprised if she's someone who learned the game from me.

I'm sick of this game.

Am I the only genuinely nice person in existence?

How dare Rihanna say I needed her!
I have a big mouth, so the whole world knows about how I feel/felt about her, but I wasn't trying to be a sensation because of her.
The thought did cross my mind, though.
I knew the kind of attention I would get.
I didn't expect her to think I wasn't being genuine, however.

Damn you, Drake.
You beat me here.

Once again (to those interested in listening), there will be one more free project this year.
Father Gayle and the Priestly Nuns.

I'll tell you more about it as the time draws near.
Now, if the retail album ("Hamilton, Charles") gets an update, it might push FG back some.

I talked with family about the album.
They're excited to me.
I just want to get back out there again.
I kinda don't, but it will lead to the $ I've been kept away from.
It might be small paper, but at least I can say I've made over six figures, more than once, in this lifetime.

I'll be around.

~follow the buzzards~

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