Friday, 7 October 2016


An Egyptian goddess, with an American warlock.

If I haven't already, I'm going to post the lyrics to Defensive Player of the Year.
Very deep song.
Currently getting radio play on independent radio stations in NYC.
We're gonna make it to Hot and Power, Halo!

Before I get my prescription for the month (😜), I just want to say this.
I put so much of myself in my music that I feel hollow when I'm not recording.
I would appreciate ...fuck it.
Go on a binge downloading spree of my music.
Starting from From the Desk Of... .

So many rappers want to (and have been) dissing me.
I don't care about my own indiscriminatory actions.
I stayed to myself for YEARS in this business.
You niggas have no ammo on me, other than the fact I'm The All Seeing Eye, got punched by a girl and lost a multi-million dollar deal.
What now?
What do you want from me?

Fuck all of you.

I kills myself for music.
I almost have nothing left.

I tried to record a song to "Ooouuu" this morning.
I'm not in a mature rap game.
My bars are too real, if they don't go over your head.
I've heard this is a young man's game.
I'm almost 30.

But I can't give up.
Fuck the game.
You've made a mockery out of things you praised Jay-Z for.
I came in this game telling THE TRITH about my existence.
Yes, I've slept with many women BEFORE THE DEAL.
No, I wasn't doped up, until AFTER the deal.
Yes, I had issues with family.
No, I don't hate them.
I just want to be independent.
Maybe I do want to be just like my uncle.

I just wrote that?



I have a studio session tonight.
Let's see how tonight goes before I blog some stupid shit to get me re-hospitalized.

I don't want to lose my freedom.
Shoom will not control me.
Hennessy, sour, and a free space to let my thoughts exhale is all I need.

"Ladies, I feel you!
You gotta see the shit!
To be the man in this business, you gotta be a BITCH!"

When I wrote that, I thought only SEGA would understand.
Now, it's clear to me how this world has been run.
Though I run it, I'm not from it.
Please understand.

Men, you're almost extinct.
But you won't be getting off that easy.

Trust me/them/us.


~follow the buzzards~

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