Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I can't say I haven't always practiced Wicca.
There always has been a hint of magic in my music.
I just didn't promote such.
I am, was, and always will be a advocate for using one's natural abilities.
But, as far as the last 5-6 years, I have swan-dived into magick.

The things I have discovered, however, I already knew.
For that, I love magick.
And I love SEGA even more.
I don't want to lose either.

So, this is the point of the blog entry.

No matter the type of magic you use or your intentions, respect the source.
Don't make a million off a repetitive song, call it a spell, and leave magick alone.

Once you go in, you're stuck.

A lot of people are asking me... no... TELLING me to go back to God.
And I do pray.
I pray for those who I thought were attacking me in my sleep (other than the goddesses).
I pray for those who have said fucked up things to me.
I pray for those who said I wouldn't be shit without them.
I pray for fellow artists.
I pray for ladies.
Though I feel they're too far gone, I pray for men.

I feel selfish when I pray for myself.
Any spell casted or curse thrown was NEVER for me.
Such is probably why I'm in such dire need for money as we speak.
Don't get me wrong.
I have a stash (shouldn't have said that on here).
But it's emergency money.
And I have a major investment I'm gonna make in the near future.

But yeah.

I'll explain why I got into Wicca/Witchcraft one day.
Not today.
I'll just revel in my own self-knowledge.
All I ask is that you trust me with your soul.

I mean, you do it with every download.

And with the retail album coming, you'll be trusting more than just me with your soul.
And you've been entrusting your soul(s) in the hands of similar people for centuries.
So I don't feel bad about any tears shed because of this album.

It's gonna be a doozey.

I'm out.

Pardon my humility, hard rappers.
I just found another way to chop your heads off.

~follow the buzzards~

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