Monday, 21 November 2016

As corrupt as Kurupt

Sometimes it's your own family members being the hater you try to avoid.
It hurts so much that you find yourself looking for their approval.
It's even worse when they can't even admit their disdain for you.
I've had professional haters.
I've had social haters.

But wouldn't it be a trip if it were all one family member?

Off subject, I've been trying to talk less and less about SEGA.
It's not something you just casually talk about.
Technically, it's a secret of humanity.

Now, to tie the two subjects.

My little cousin now knows how to work the subconscious/use his 3rd eye.
Which is good.
But he's super self-righteous.
So he does things in the subconscious to victimize others.

Just like my haters.

I would pray for him, but he already sees himself as competition.
And I compete with God, so that rules us both out (as far as getting to Heaven).
So ultimately, we might have to fight.

But I don't want to fight him.
Not that I'm scared of him.
I just used to babysit this little nigga.
He was like my brother.

And he disrespects family, every time he comes around.

I can't have that.
But why fight?
Is that what he wants?
To duel with his older, more successful cousin?

Damn, homie.

Everyone wants to fight nowadays.
It's kinda redundant.
Then again, I'm from NYC, so I should be used to it.

Whatever though.
If my attempts at peace are going to go unnoticed, then Dr. King's whole mission was pointless.
As a family, we are supposed to stick together.
But what happens when a family member erodes the family's trust?
I've never stolen from family.
Maybe some quarters from mom when I was younger.
But that's it.
And yet the family still watches this kid's back.

Well, he's not a kid anymore.

With that said, it's probably best I leave him alone.
He (apparently) knows what he's doing.
That, plus he's still trying to one-up me.
I'm tired of people trying to one-up me.
If you're so much better, do what I've done and greater.

I know.
This entry doesn't make sense.
I just wanted to vent.

SEGA, wherever you are, I've been waiting to hear from you, too.
I just have several blocks on my ability to receive messages from you.
Let's work on that.

~follow the buzzards~

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