Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Back at The Apple Store

If you've been trying to reach me via telephone, my phone shorted out.
I can't even turn the damn thing on.
Might've been an Apple way of G-checking me for thinking I'm God.
Sorry (God) for stepping on your toes.
I thought my eyesight meant I was some sort of divine being.
Guess I'm just a 6.

To the Almighty 6z.


Moving on...

So the retail album is finished and ready to be released.
December 2nd.
With a documentary to follow.
Shouts to Universal/Republic, Turn First/First Access and Red Bull.
As the time draws near, I'm getting slightly more excited.
My hardcore StarChasers get to hear written verses, the new fans are getting a clean and clear sound...
everyone should be happy.
It's just...
I've been doing this for a long time.
Making and performing music.
I feel like I've been railroaded in a sense.
Because of who I am, outside of music.

My ego is in the way, I guess.
I feel I'm worth more than free releases, and retail work(ing)s are not worth me.
There's no price on my worth.

Except love.

With that said, I hope it's still all love amongst the mortals, immortals, Reptilians and myself.

In other words, I don't want no beef.

I no longer rule the world, Boe!
Every decision you make is valuable!


~follow the buzzards~

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