Thursday, November 17, 2016

Contained and contaminated.

As soon as the medication kicks in, everyone wants to wyle out.
Granted I didn't really go anywhere growing up.
But now look.
This already bugged out world wants to lose complete control.

However, who am I to complain?
I asked to lose the kind of control I had.
Granted I wanted to lose it with a lady.
But now look.
I have a Christian girlfriend.

Who moonlights as one of those who wyle out.

I'm guessing this is an initiation.
See how much I can take before I reevaluate how down I am.

"We Boyz N Da Hood, and nigga you lil' Trey!"
-Rick Ross

Let me take some advice and not actually mention what's bothering me.
Or something of the sort.

Stop it, graveyard.
They'll never be prepared for the uprising...

~follow the buzzards~

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