Saturday, November 19, 2016


I listened to The Roots' "Dilla Joints" today.
I'm still dealing with the fact that Questlove might be better than J Dilla.
But what would Q be without his bandmates?
Black Thought is one of the most groundbreaking MCs EVER.
Ray Angry composes something SERIOUS for them.
I don't know the guys' names individually, but that's a good thing.
They work as a cohesive unit.

But Jay Dee was a force of his own.

Madlib makes beats for writers.
If you can freestyle to his shit, sure.
That's cool.
But exercise your pen (and -pin) when it comes to Madlib beats.

MF DOOM is simply for listening.
Don't try to rap to an MF DOOM BEAT.
You will have your ass handed to you.

Back to "Dilla Joints".

I'm crazy about this album.
I love it when I listen to Dilla beats and don't know the title.
It's like he's creating the beat, right there on the spot.

Is that a good thing, for the listener?

I'm not here to judge Mr. Yancey (with his fine self).
I am here to say that his music will live forever.
And I want to be a catalyst for Dilla's ultimate return to existence.

I love you, J Dilla.
I hope all is well.
House Shoes, you showed your true colors.
But I respect your hustle.
I have no beef with Hex or Trick Trick.
I want to be able to go to Detroit one day and smoke with Royce da 5' 9".
Maybe even Em.

Em owes me a joint.

Whatever, though.

"Dilla Joints" is a classic.
Pick it up.
iTunes, nigga.
Or, crate dig.

~follow the buzzards~

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