Friday, 11 November 2016

ManKind x Charles Hamilton

I hereby stand up and say Black people will not be enslaved again.
There's nothing on this American soil worth tilling.
It's all been used and dried up.
The only thing left to do is overload The Internet with misinformation.
Black people are already paranoid, so we need to work together (and not kill each other) in order to be the strength other races find in us.

Sciryl and !llumiN@TE (ManKind) are more than just the modern-day Dead Prez.
They embody the virtually Gothic truth about young Black lives being exploited, and the fight to keep one's individuality.
I was on the road when they first started working on their movement.
I've always known Sciryl was nice, but N@TE is God-body with it.
They compliment each other well.

Not because I produced 8-Bit Genesis, but this is like their most complete project.
I feel like they let themselves get immersed in the subject manner, and along the way they told a great story.

You can download the project at
I recommend you buy it.

And, lest we forget, December 2nd is the release date of "Hamilton, Charles".
Check it out!

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

~follow the buzzards~

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