Thursday, 3 November 2016

Raven's (song and lyrics)

I just let them know one thing: they can hold one thing. But I'ma let them go when that One sings. My voice has been making me climax. Safety in the sky, I asked. And God provided me with such. I had to give up inside of her. Probably through sodomy. She committed a sin, too. I guess my essence is so sinful. Give me a S, since my essence in the Ss isn't a riddle. Something that'll make your intuition giggle. Especially when I'm tickling your nipples. Or the ivorys. Tell they Isleys they in the past. Get behind me. I'm getting smooth when I'm getting ridiculed. Ain't nobody making fun right now. So how about "Wow!" should be the response...

I started smoking cigarettes to get sexier. And then these broads got pettier. The smoke got heavier. It's almost as if I'm a new Dean Cain. Or James Cain. James Dean. James Khan. Jason Khan. So many names to make up on when in a song. Joseph Khan, when directing the footage. Ain't nobody getting what I'm looking at. Neither am I, because I can't really see me from my eyes. So when the day comes when I get to spray "1" and see me, guaranteed I'ma "be easy". The easiest slut you ever met. Forever I can get you wet, One. Charles HamilTON. Land on my lap and make the land wanna crack.

I am so bad!
Yes I am!
Yes I fuckin' am!
I am so bad!
Yes I am!
Yes I fuckin' am!
This is for when I wonder about you.
You should be here.
There should be no wonder about you...

You won, Raven.
Just don't pull a Rihanna.

~follow the buzzards~

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