Saturday, 5 November 2016

Some fans...

I'm aware that some of my fans make music.
No problem.
I'm aware that some of my fans make music to MY production.
No problem.
I put it out for free.
But some of you guys cross the line.
If you don't DIRECTLY bite (or sub-diss), you do things subliminally.

Like I won't catch it.

Such is why I've gotten so much colder in recent years.

So fine.
Let me give one StarChaser the attention he's been searching for.

Jet Lee Jetson.

He's been a follower of my music and lifestyle for some time now.
He says he's incomparable.
And he's in love with Raven-Symone.
I don't have any links to his music, so you're gonna have to check social media for him.

You happy now, Tuna Johnson?
Your man is getting some press on the blog you think his blog is shitting on.


Today was actually a good day.
I DJ'd, cypher'd, and got an award for it.
It was the 2016 Rap-a-con.
Major shouts to Curtis Sherrod for putting it together.

I have an important phone call to make, so I'm off this thing for now.
But I will return.

~follow the buzzards~

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