Thursday, 3 November 2016

Somebody else.

I loved "G.I.R.L." (from Pharrell), but I would love to hear a non-trap, new hip-hop album from Pharrell.
"In My Mind" was emotional for me.
I've always supported P.
I had several pairs of Ice Creams, and I have some of his Adidas apparel.
But admittedly, I initially slept on "In My Mind".

It wasn't until I was at Boe's house that I gave it an honest listen.
Technically, I was at Christina's house when I heard it.
But I was staying with Boe.

I changed a lot.
For those I was under the impression were demeaning me.
Instead of going to physical war (where I'm from, their actions were worth it), I resorted to Sonic warfare.
Not some Dragonball Z shit.

Ask 9th about Sonic warfare.

Anyway, I wanted Jeff (Hov) to see me as at least an equal.
When he lived with me in 2009-10, he was being an authoritarian.
My thoughts were wild, but my actions weren't.
Plus I had Woody living with me.
So all I was doing was thinking about how to advance and enhance music.

I didn't want him there.

As far as women, I've learned not to say names.
Each of them took their toll when each relationship ended.
I'll be in some shit if I have a kid out there.
Not on some J Cole shit, either.
I mean, I know of three women I came inside of with the intention of staying with forever.

My pullout game is official.
Until I fall in love.

I've been instructed not to mention J Dilla or how much I love him, by management.
Which is perilous.
It points into the direction of midnight manipulation.
Or, it could be the sweetest surprise ever.

I don't want to jinx anything, either.
I'm not "flexin" on anyone.
We're talking Egyptian royalty.

This is a worship issue.

I feel somewhat cheap for even talking about it.
But the inner-Beyoncé (Cleopatra...) within me is allowing me to believe that someone cares.
And understands.

Shouts to my cousin Mar-Q.

~follow the buzzards~

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