Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A new hometown hero...

Harlem needs a hero.
Someone who understands the streets.
Someone who can infiltrate the mainstream.
Without the infiltration being too much of a burden on their spirit.

Marty Baller is a wild dude.
Not just in a hood sense.
He's just a psychedelic trip to be around.
I love the guy.
And he's been looking out for my little homie Ben.
So I got nothing but love for him.


With me knighting Marty Baller [WHAT UP FERG!!!] Harlem's new hometown hero, what does that make me?

I just want to be Harlem's Kurt Cobain.

Suicide included.

I want to thank all those who purchased "Hamilton, Charles".
I worked pretty hard on it {translation: LIGHTWORK!!!!} and I feel it suits the needs of the mainstream without being too much of a burden on my spirit.

But it definitely took it's toll.
It's hard for me to talk about how to get you out of your slump without mentioning SEGA, Apple or Google.
But I did it.
I hope my thoughts are coherent and cohesive.

As I sip this Henny, I remind everyone that I PRODUCE TOO, AND STILL.
And that whatever I drop independently will be of the same quality as my previous work.
If not stronger.

This album is easy to beat.
Unless you're one of those StarChasers who SWEAR I need to write rhymes to get my point across.

Then, you suck and I want nothing to do with you.

Unless, you're...


~follow the buzzards~

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