Friday, 23 December 2016

Bono @ Bonaroo

I am on a new quest musically.

Though it’s been getting rave reviews (I see you, HipHopDX), “Hamilton, Charles” set me back a bit (creatively).
You guys are now officially spoiled.
It sucks to know that high frequency noise and activities are what it takes to succeed.
I tried to raise the mid range to bring decency to everyday conversation.
I experimented with the low to bring equality.
And, straight up, I am DUMB NICE with the high.

I just don’t like my high to be interfered.
With fear.

Though I project such.

I make High Music.
Music that sounds good when blasted.
Sorry to ruin the surprise.
But I make music, specifically designed for a deep marijuana high.
Though other highs are subjected to a good time, as well.
Usually, High Music is best enjoyed in headphones.
Dr. Dre and J Dilla are two pioneers of Hip-Hop High Music.

EXTREMELY high level music.
Both in music and message.

I think most would agree that I have reached a plymouth of sorts in making High Music.

And I’ll leave it there.

But now, 
I am on a new quest musically.

I am making Sober Music.

Music that sounds good when blasted.
In speakers.

You’ll see why, StarChasers.


~follow the buzzards~

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