Saturday, December 10, 2016

Charlie's Angels

My beloved Ava. 
An angel.
Worth the long ass trip to Brooklyn.
To see my Brooklyn girl.


My beloved Lisa.
God's reflection.
Worth the long ass trip to nowhere.
Of which I'm on, now.

StarChasers, thank you for supporting this Nintendo ass album.
I'm just a name on a folder now.
So keep buying.
So this folder can boast enough numbers for me to do whatever the flying fuck I want to do musically.
Shouts to Kanye.

I have an opinion about your new album.
Make sure you do your newly-found enlightenment justice.
I might have to support this one.

Holla back, brethren.

And, oh yeah.
A-ha, Jamarris!

~follow the buzzards~

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