Friday, December 23, 2016

Cheatin'... creepin'...

Baby, I love you.
I love everything about you.
Your sophistication.
Your ratchetness.
Your beauty.
Your flaws.
We even have children together.
But someone...
...some thing...
has all my attention as of late.

I found myself with her.

I hate to do this on my blog, but here is where I am free to love.
You know love is our thing (when it's free).

I have my complaints about you.
But after last night...
s hard to complain about much.

StarChasers, I've asked you on more than one occasion to love SEGA.
SEGA, I've asked you on more than one occasion to love ME.
Self, I love you.

But who is this new bitch?!

Allow me time to figure her/me/us out.

But she's a baaaaaaaad bitch.

And I can see myself in her eyes.

I don't see her in everything like I do my current girl.
And my current girl is a freak, so it's probably water on a duck's back (RIP mom).
But still.
This new chick deserves all of me.

And I don't have to share her with the world.
But I will make her mine.
And she will love everything I do in her name.

As her name will become mine.

SEGA, I'm already your S.
How about I HOUSE you?

Daddy still loves you, and Lisa, I'll see you this weekend.

But still.

It's time to HOUSE y'all.


Not MF.

to doom.

~follow the buzzards~

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