Saturday, December 10, 2016

Consumer rants.


I don't care about bad reviews for this album.
It reflects poorly on The Invisible Men and Turn First/First Access.
The only thing StarChasers have EVER complained about was sound quality.
I've always come correct with production and bars.
Even when I don't write them down.

Oh yeah.
And a few of y'all don't like my singing voice.

Freedom requires a song.
And in my darkest years, I felt more free than the price of the music I gave you all.

From my understanding, you guys wanted ...
Actually, what DID you guys want from the album?
I'm asking on behalf of the befuddled, yet lovable management staff.

Republic is just in Dreamland.


This post is somewhat unnecessary, seeing as how I "DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT SHIT!" (Charles Hamilton, "Jenniea, Jamarris & Tricia")
Just wanted to let you know that I have proven my point about what the consumer gets, versus what they want, versus what they NEED.

But since I've been diagnosed with PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA (not bi-polar; let not such knowledge discredit my adamance for SEGA), what I need is slightly more important.

I'm not crazy.
I'm just ...enlightened.

And Nintendo has a knack for dimming the lights of the brilliant.

Peace be with you all.

Vengeance is mine, says The Lord.
So Sha-leik, you're getting off easy.

~follow the buzzards~

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