Sunday, December 25, 2016

Defensive Player of the Year lyrics (DON'T SLEEP; BARS!!!)

(verse 1)
Was I really getting raped in Harlem? Was paper the problem? ...feelin' like Fetty Wap. Probably not. The odds is I had a goddess on top of my knob (and slobbin' it!). But, my wish is I could get more tracks that I can rip. Because I'm the shit. I know it... legit-ly. Industry sick of me, so they sicking me against thee. Right back at the mainstream, from the underground. Again. The sound is refined. I'm down, and out of my mind. Again. And I'm lovin' it. But, I'm back in my mind (according to the government). Gotta love it when I'm touchin' a track like this. H2 had to black. Like this. I know how he did it! If he kept it a secret, (the) nigga might've been the deepest. But, let's go!

(verse 2)
Cigarettes still kickin' my ass! The lungs... are asking for a *1*. And I'm like, "Nah, dawg. 'Cause I know I'm immortal!" (looking at the portal) "Why do niggas gotta bore you?" According to the people who are driven to have you seated and listening to shit, when you get down there, it's not fair. You won't get back up, so you better back up. See, John Nintendo 2.0 is here to move your soul. And then move the globe. And then, move the soul of the globe. Perhaps the core. And... why am I rappin' some more? Because I am... something you should fear. Inside. But it's something you revere. An enzyme. But I'm far from that. An artifact. The hardest to rap... and all that.

(verse 3)
I got my record collection trippin'. The way I be selectin' and dippin/different lives are lost and gained. But, I ain't tryna toss them in the game. I'm trying to "off" niggas with refrains. Because my shit is so ridiculous when from the brain! And the shit that I be spittin' within the syllabus of the bitch who be givin' me brain is so ridiculous. AND, it's time for me to get it in, again... so when I drop a track like this (middle of the night), it's 'cause I HAVE to do the "nice" shit. ...which is, let y'all know I am the nicest. But I could be mean and never be seen... believe me. This scene is not worth being in. So, therefore, I don't need to be in it. Word to CNN. I will be seen again, because I will be seen in the end.

Where I begin.

They holla, but I'm not around.
I'm a scholar, but I've gotten down.
They holla, but I'm not around.
If you follow, then you have gotten down.
Gotten down.
Gotten down...

~follow the buzzards~

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