Saturday, 31 December 2016

Holidays swallow.

I kissed a girl on New Years.
Miss Lewars.
There were many after her, but she's the only girl I kissed on New Years.
There was nothing I could do about that relationship ending.
I was selfish (as usual), jealous (as usual) and busy all the time.

Music doesn't allow time for love.

Lisa and I aren't going as hard as we used to.
I hope she doesn't think I'm wasting her time.
But I kinda really ruined the trust.
If this relationship doesn't work out, I'm just gonna NOT say anything about who I'm dating.
Apparently, there's a curse in my love life.

For whatever it's worth, it's working.

This is the first holiday season without my mother.
I used to think my mother held me back a lot.
She didn't let me really leave the house when I was younger.
She wanted me to make Gospel music.
Basically, she wanted me to be a good boy.

Little does she know, she opened the door for me to be a witch.
I miss the apartment in which she would drink champagne and read Tarot.
When she was admitted into a mental hospital, I vowed revenge on the entertainment industry AND magick.

So, magick, I'm sorry.

As far as the entertainment business, the hate I have for you is overriding my love for art.
So I guess you won.
It's just my duty now to make sure you don't claim another mind/body/soul/life.

Work with me, StarChasers.

Marvel, how do you do?
SEGA, I miss you too.
Atari, I have a big mouth.

Fuck Nintendo.

Have a safe and happy New Year, all.

~follow the buzzards~

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