Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Relatives in sin...

So all throughout the recording process of "Hamilton, Charles", I was told to make music relatable by the masses.
It bothered me.
When you think of the music being "consumed" by the masses, none of what these guys are saying is relatable.
Unless you're ratchet.

I'm not as ratchet as you'd hope for me to be.
In fact, I have class.
Evil, meniachal class...
...but class.

I don't know all the hot new phrases, I'm not into fashion, etc.
But, to my dismay, I stand out.

I can either thank God or Egypt.

But yes.
This album glorifies sin.
Much like the successful albums of the past.
Then again, it's a very righteous album.
Then again, it's taboo.

As with everything I do.

Everyone wanted to know what happened to Charles Hamilton?
Well, seeing as how I have no privacy (ASE), I find it hard to believe.
But... I found relatives in sin.
And devoted my life to keeping them happy.

More, later.

~follow the buzzards~

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