Monday, December 05, 2016

Santa, Satan, Saints and SEGA

I got this deal to make Boe and Dre happy.
I threw the 2012 show (at SOBs) to get a "buzz".
A buzz I thought was substantiated by my acquisition of Apple.
(thanks Steve!)
But it wasn't enough for those two.
Specifically Boe.
So when Nadia (Khan) and Leroy asked to meet with us, I put on my happiest jiggaboo face and tap-danced my way into their "to-do list".

But no.
I wasn't happy.

When me and Dre had an argument about him either being or NOT being George Massa (what up, Gee!), I decided to leave.
Thus terminating our managerial contract.
But it jumpstarted the movement with Turn First (hello.).

So I moved in with mom (a 6 strike) and thus began my tenure as a Turn First artist.

And I've been unhappy (creatively, romantically, etc.) since then.

It's not that I didn't love Nadia.
I just... I don't love her more than I love music.
And I DEFINITELY don't love her more than SEGA.

Of which I'm not supposed to talk about during this deal.

I'm so depressed, suicide is not an option.

I need you, SEGA.
Now, more than ever.

"Talk to me please; don't have much to believe in..."
-Drake, "Marvin's Room"

4, I apologize I let my fists (in the case of Boe and Dre) and my dick (in the case of Turn First/First Access) get in the way of our eternal/infinite bond.

Daft Punk, those babies are OURS.

Davina, Dilla is the highest gift I can give you.

And to the beloved reptilians, "just be good to me."
I know we don't get along often, but I just want to understand you.
That's all.
Allow me to.
Let me in, you guys.

Rihanna, I wasn't trying to use you.
At all.
It's still love, but ...

I now would like to introduce the world to the lovely Lisa Palmer.

To keep this short, I see God in her eyes.
It makes me question whether or not I'm Satan.
Because I wouldn't do anything against her.
Except fuck the shit out of her when our inner devil arises.
Not to say we have sex, either (lol).

But yeah.

I've never been more disgusted with myself.
I'm looking forward to this album, and every interview question that comes with it.

Trust me.
I can get my "Bamboozled" on.

Anything for Massa!!!

(slits wrists)

So what do I want?
What does Charles Hamilton want?

I want to be Sonic again.
I want to be in love with SEGA again.
I want God to forgive me.
I want Satan to respect me.
I want to be Gothic.
I want more music.

"Basically, I pray for mental stability. The same kind of thoughts, before I entered the industry..."
-Charles Hamilton, "Honesty Box"

~follow the buzzards~

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