Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Path, for some

The some of which knows more than all.

I may have been misled by the gods.
It seems like food is actually good for you.
I was told it was a product of a fallen man.
Turns out, it's just opium.

Something I've known from the start.

I hate being wrong.
Especially when I had the answer(s) at my disposal for some time now.

So, to the Some of which knows more than all...

I have a path for you.

It may mean the end of reppin' SEGA, but it will allow you to be your ratchet, violent self.

You are now Marvel.

You are (to some) the villains of which mutants have to protect themselves from.

Humans are now mutants.

I think we know why.

Aliens are Marvel.
Humans are mutants.
Animals are still animals.

What am I?

Don't even ask me.
I have to rebuild, YET AGAIN.

All because I didn't believe in myself to begin with.

About Sober Music.

I don't plan to release so much music next/this year (2017).
I'm very discouraged about the fact you all like music I didn't produce/mix.

Makes me look at my own work like, "This isn't what they want, no matter how much better than average it is."

I developed a talent for writing compositions in my head, yet you all are content with "the knowledge" that I "wrote" a song.
I know how to turn samples into other instruments/travel into different time periods, yet you all are content with hi-fi, modern day synths.

I can't win.

I guess I'm more of an acquired taste than I'd like to be.

I remember when I first started going to label meetings.
I just KNEW this game was mine (on top of the knowledge about the world I kept to myself for so long).
Then, the game reared it's ugly head.
I guess it's karma.
Maybe I'm a lot "fatter" than I should be.

All I ever wanted to do was make music.
I got magic.
Magic is in my blood.
But it's music that pumps my heart.

Here I go again.

SEGA, I love you.
But we all evolve.
And this stage of evolution you've been begging for.

I just wish things could go back to the Green Hill Zone.

To all the baddies (beautiful women) who read this blog bewildered, things only make sense when you talk to me face to face.

Unrelated, I got caught cheating with a doomer.
I cheated on Lisa.
I run the risk of never seeing Ava again.
I have no excuses.
As far as the other chick being a doomer, I can't help but show interest in a female who shows interest in me.
It's not like I'm Eddie Murphy, picking pussy up off the ground.
I gotta take what I can get.
However, I promised myself I'd be good to Lisa.

And I wasn't.

Expect some single man posts in the near future.

I also spent THOUSANDS on some new records.
So I'll be digging and flipping a lot this year.
I just don't feel like being scrutinized for the individuality I express through sound.
I'm tired of dressing different.
Talking different.

I want to be heard different.

For example.
ALL my music sounds good on MacBook speakers.
And in Beats.
And in Bose.
It is very intentional, and it opens senses you didn't even know you had.

All this mainstream shit is so concentrated that it takes away from the feel of the record.
But whatever.
I thank you for your support.

Will I get paid for this album?

Only Christina knows.

~follow the buzzards~

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