Sunday, January 01, 2017

What Women Want

So it seems Mother Mary needs some lust in her life.
She already has everyone's attention.
She's already feared.
But she isn't satisfied yet.
Mary Nintendo needs some dick.

Lucky for me, I'm not attracted to her.

Does that make me a villain?
Does her strange dictatorship over my mind mean I HAVE to sleep with her?

If she's so powerful, why does she need me?
I've ignored her for years.
Only when I chase(d) my dreams did it come out that she needed my attention.

And talent.

One day Mary, you'll understand and appreciate what has been done for you by SEGA.
Until then, you are an opportunist The a heart perceived to be of gold.

This entry could've been cold.
Just straight up fucked up.
But then I'd have to fight her.

She's SOOO tough in her exoskeleton.
Lest we forget I've gotten through her exterior.

Humble thineself, divine goddess.
You've been given too many second chances to begin with.

I'm starting to believe this whole thing was an attention ploy.

See, when I got raped, I told my family and tried to push forward.
You weren't even raped.
You were murdered.
Then, you were given survival tools.
But you weren't given one thing.
And when you realized you couldn't have it, you manipulated it so NO ONE would want it.

You are wrong.
So now i have to pick up the pieces of a painting you broke, and out it back together in front of everyone.

I tried to start a family with all the hate you projected towards me.
Such might have been my grandest mistake.

Or the biggest blessing.

I want nothing to do with you.
But you (somehow; or, at least in my mind) can take me higher musically.
I'm tired of wishing you well.
I'm tired of pretending to like you, simply because of your "intimidating" presence.
You are a bully.
A bully who preys on the guilt of the golden-hearted.

I don't want anything from you.
If I have to coexist with you, it would be an all-time low.

You may have ruined my life.
Worse than homosexuality.
Worse than Satan.
Worse than God.
Worse than a woman.

I can't put my hands up and check you, because it's immoral.
I honestly can't beat you.
You were given the rites of The Hamilton before they were even given to me.
It could be as simple as what pumps through your veins, but nah.
You have a problem.

I don't believe in Nintendo.
And even if I did, you'd be a catalyst of my HATE for Nintendo.

I hope you feel me.
You're smart enough to respond.
And you have a knack for making me look stupid.
So go ahead.

Just know you are living in a house of cards.

Enjoy yourself.

~follow the buzzards~

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