Thursday, 31 March 2016


I seriously need to talk to someone at Republic Records immediately.
There is a gross miscommunication going on.
Can't miss out on an opportunity because of poor communication.
My mind is right, I'm in a good creative space...
The only issue is making sure all the players are on the right and same page.

So I've been talking about my 8-bit experiments lately.
Turning samples into 8-bit sounds and playing the original melody.
An example of such is "Rih-Assurance Policy".

I can reassure you I used force in that beat.

So can Rihanna.
And so can Drake.

(inside joke amongst women)

I have a lot of chip tune style beats like that one.
Expect to hear a lot of them in the coming weeks.

Happy to see nothing but positive remarks on ANTI-HAMILTON.
I worked (as usual) very hard on it.

I hope GarageBand doesn't hate me for this, but I got a Maschine on my birthday, and today I might install it on my computer.
I haven't had a good experience yet with it, but it's a gift, and it's worth learning.
You never know when you have to go to a studio where you're unfamiliar with the hardware.

I'm back on survival mode.

This time, with only the thought of romance.
Not with a tangible one.

Unless she's willing to wait...

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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

For the haters...

...and the Jay-Zs of the world.
Should I stop using Hightail?

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Tuesday, 29 March 2016


I was never really random.
There was always an order to my disorder(s).
And with so many people interested in what I have to say, I have to be poingent in my delivery of pop-culture satire and indulgence.

Let's face it.
Pop-culture is a product of The Devil.
We're all aware of the evils behind the scenes of the entertainment industry.
Actually, the evils in the system of industry in general.

So maybe the concept of random-ness is the idle hands from which The Devil dances.
So be conscious of random thoughts.
If you can capitalize on the beneficiality of your random thoughts, go for it.

Just know the taxes may be more than you bargained for.

I've never (honestly) listened to music on shuffle.
I prefer to listen to the album straight through.
Every album is a story.
Even when it's just a collection of songs.

I think my favorite album of mine is Man of the House.
I literally put a lot of work into that album.
Very metaphysical.

It was a glorious album.
I was staking my claim as a force to be reckoned with, in urban areas.
Areas in which I should've always gotten respect in, but never felt it.
Take a listen to it when you get a chance.

The entire project is on YouTube.
Just YouTube search Charles Hamilton Man of the House.

Enough of that (for now).
Back to the beats.

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So the J Dilla marking I carved in my arm has healed.
I can barely see it.
In fact, it's gone.
There's no point in carving if you're going to heal.
But you know eventually you'll heal from the scars you obtain outside of yourself.

Healing is natural.

It's been about 4 months since my mom passed.
I might be too numb to be bogged down by it.
I still have dreams about her.
None of which are pleasant.
But I do have positive memories.
I think, even though she was a home-towner, the pressure(s) of New York got to her.
So she took it out on me.
Doesn't mean she didn't love me.
I was just added stress.

Parents, don't be afraid to let your kids live a little.
They have to experience the world.
You're there to make sure they don't go too left.
Then again, if they go too right, you run the risk of them being pompous.

What could it mean to go left?

We all inherently have a sense of what's right and wrong.
What's vastly considered wrong is left.
What's vastly considered right is (well...) right.

Though of no cost and liberal, my earlier music was very "right".
I just didn't FEEL "right".
Or right.
Now that I've gone "left", I am more fulfilled.
I have met some outstanding individuals (C. Young, for example).
I found a type of love previously undiscovered.
My conscious is at rest.

But I feel bad for those who wanted me to continue on this "righteous path".
I know I said on Statik Selektah that "I offer righteousness and prosperity".
But that was a (censored).

I'm good at those types of things.

I think the very concept of pain (in it's most natural definition) is a curse from Nintendo, placed on SEGA.
At the same time, SEGA can inflict pain like no other.

As much as I love SEGA, I'm gonna keep things neutral.
Unfortunately, neutral starts with the same letter as Nintendo.

You know Nintendo.
You (can) believe in SEGA.

I will go all the way the f*ck in on 4/20, explaining every bit of this.
Including my role.

This might require some California daisies, if you know what I mean.
Today, of course.

So I'll be back on here later.

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Monday, 28 March 2016

No critics

I always thought freestyling was more hip-hop than writing.
I can write.
I'm just trying to stay true to the art form.

That's just to address this kid who said he doesn't like my freestyles on a song.

So yesterday I visited Briana.
Nothing's changed.
Still a live wire.
She did however broadcast the day on Periscope.
And she did what she always does.

Show out and belittle me.

I learned mixing and mastering from the best.
So I can't really feel when I'm told I can't mix.

It's bad enough I feel you don't want me to live.
Now you wanna be Ebert and Roeper?
If you take the time to write down what I'm saying (like I do), you'll realize how coherent my music already is!

But I get it.
I have to limit myself to make my old fans happy.
And new fans are only interested in hi-fi sounds.

Straight up, when are we going to get real?

36 Chambers was recorded in an apartment.
Outlast and The Dungeon Family used to work out of a basement.
Let me find out Drake got y'all spoiled with sound.

Can't win for losing.

I swear reading that forum about me is gonna be the death of me.
Y'all sincerely don't know how much work goes into every song.
Y'all just want the past.

I've changed.
Though I love to help, I gotta help myself.

I think this blog entry is more so me feeling a non-descriptive type of way about the world I'm presented with.

I am better than you think I am.

Live with it.

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Sunday, 27 March 2016


S = Me
E = Jack
G = George
A = Dilla

Choose your letter wisely.

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Graphic mirages.

3rd Eye Magic.
A project between me and the very talented CYoung (Chris Young the Rapper).
I just suggest you listen to it.
It's a great listen.

Basically, we summarized and healed the universe.
I won't be surprised if we get bitten.
I mean, it's free.

But to bite is to acknowledge the magick.

And I (we) acknowledge the power of magick.

I acknowledge the power of magick.
And the bond between Chris and I.


Nintendo, you're up...

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Saturday, 26 March 2016


Since I met J Dilla, I've been trying to emulate him.
Or do things to impress his spirit.
But he's harder than me.
More thugged out, in essence.
I still love him, but to be like him would put me in too many predicaments that I think I'm unprepared for.
So, it's time to be a geek again.
Can I be a geeky goth?
Have I not always been such?
Maybe I made a mistake telling the world I shifted to the darkside.
I just wanted to the darkside to know that I was pledging allegiance.

I'm not gonna call anyone out, but some of you guys are pseudo-dark.
Or are hiding behind the women of the shadows.

Or simply need to get a gun.

Back to going back to geekworld.

Nerds and geeks are of different species than each other.
A nerd can never be a geek, and vice versa.
Nerds are Nintendo.
Geeks are SEGA.

I am SEGA.
I am a geek.
I am a god.

I am making Nintendo-level SEGA music.

It just feels like I have to abandon one to be the master of the other.

Like Jay-Z's "Lost One".

I love my teddy bear.

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Friday, 25 March 2016

Days in a Daze

These last few days have been remarkable.
The remark of them, however, is much to be desired.
I had an awesome night last night.
It involved drinks, good friends and wizardry.
Basically I'm back.

But simultaneously, I'm gone.
I have very few goals.
I just want to get all of my music heard.
ALL of it.
And I want to spin them.

I'm serious, guys.
I have an incredible DJ set.

I'm taking a quick nap for now.
A lot on my mind.
Very excited about the retail album.
Had to bar-up and get busy.

Holla at me.

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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Between Me and You

I did a lot of meditation today.
I had to re-center myself.
Obviously I'm getting more confident in releasing independent music.
Apparently I've always had the green light.
It's just my more recent independent production has gotten so personal that it makes it hard to want people to hear it.
But I've got good news!
The album can be expected this year!
And we have a name for it!
I'm keeping that under wraps for now.
But shit's about to get very hectic for me, very soon.

I can't afford this negative outlook I have on life.
It rubs off on people.
And it makes me look like I'm playing the victim role.

There was a point in my life through music (also referred to as my career) where I didn't want people to relate to my music.
My mom picked up on that.
She said my music used to bang against the eardrum.
I used to take offense, but then I realized I was doing such intentionally.
I wanted people to hear me all the way out.

Can I address something real quick?

I feel like my demeanor is fooling people.
Maybe that's a good thing.
But I really want people to know how aware I am of the world at large.
It's just...
The world at large is split in two.
It's like the axis of Earth is what divides SEGA and Nintendo.
I've chosen my side.
So I take what comes with being the ultimate SEGA enthusiast.

I know I made the right choice.

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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

2 new tracks...


To the college students who listen to my music:
Study and practice chronometry.
You'll be more focused than ever.

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I am The Sun.
I've known this for quite some time now.
I may be more, but for now, I'm simply The Sun.

I make music.
In fact, I make Sun Music.

As Rihanna so delicately put it, I make "Music of The Sun".

I have my own people.
They are People of The Sun.

The Sun is a star.

You are a Starchaser.

But much like the planet Saturn, I have a ring.


Joshua Halo Stevenson.

He revolves around me, and is always with me no matter where I go, whether I can see him or not.

As with many others.
Some you know, some you know well, and some you don't know a damn thing about.

J Dilla is with me.
At all times.

I love J Dilla.


It can be said that Halo put me on to Dilla.
But Dilla knows within that I been lovin' him.


Who's beats are iller?

First of all, why ask?

Second, I have this theory.

I prefer Halo beats, but Dilla's beats are godly.
I guess I just want to be closer to The Sun.

The being of whom I am.

Am I too hot to be followed?

Are you still reading?

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Cosmic Positive Reactions

The Reaper Series is getting critical reviews!
Thanks for the love!
Some people are saying it's as good (if not better than) The Hamiltonization Process.
Of course, I can never make those kids on KTT happy.
So it's back to the basics.
I came into this game with one intention.
I achieved that goal.
At this point, I'm doing it for the love.
And some financial stability.
I literally saw my dreams come true, despite the hardships.
I can do without a Grammy, though one would be cool.
So really, I guess I'm doing this for the people who want to see me in the mainstream.
Not even for myself.
I have my life figured out.
In fact, the person I'm doing this for isn't even in my life anymore.
It's funny, because when I decided I would do this for my mother, she passed away.
So there's really no real reason to continue to be in this business.
So if it isn't love, just keep your mouth shut.
If I hadn't announced the fact I wasn't going to write anymore, most of you would have nothing to say (pointing at that damn forum).

"All we do is show Charles love! Why does he attack us?!"

Because you guys don't know how much work goes into everything I do.
If Picasso took 3 years to make a stick figure painting, would you argue he wasn't working to his potential?
Even with the ability to record an album in a session, it still doesn't mean I'm not putting forth all of my creative abilities.

I am a master, and I am to be respected as such.
A master.

One of few.
And they know who they are.

In case they DON'T know, I released 2 new songs on my SoundCloud this morning.

Check them out, below.

Might be working on a project with Sammus soon.
I'm looking forward to that.
My Hamil-tendo days are just getting started.

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Monday, 21 March 2016

Beats as bars...

So I'm getting ready to leave Los Angeles.
Boo hoo to my weed habit.
Also tears for the cigarette habit, as they cost a small fortune in NYC.
But whatever.
I'm tempted to work on some new music.
But the REAL temptation is to just drop a beat tape on y'all.
Let y'all know where I been musically.
So many damn beats to choose from, too!

I might drop a loosie off on SoundCloud.

But definitely expect some new music around 4/20.

And for those hell bent on spending money on me, (not only do I appreciate it, but) the retail album will be coming out later this year.

Mad red tape.

Can get into specifics, but won't.

Just know all is well in the land of Hamilton.

With or without a deal.

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Prayer, Hamiltonized (video by HamilVision)

From the roughest part of Harlem, to where love for stardom is the star. Hollywood from the hood. I got it good. I got it. I'm living. Not as good as the people who been droppin the writtens that I been plottin with. I'm kinda wishing I could be living with them, but I don't really give a damn. Once again. Jumping in with my assumptions can end a conversation. As well as business. And I've been making business swell with interest. Pissing them off was getting me by and getting me off, but now when I sit in the office talking, I gotta wonder if they listen to me as a boss.

My reflections come from my dialect that I accept has been tainted by the dangerous-ness I would stay with, hoping that the day would begin. Praying and shit. Maybe there is a God, because I've been living odd. If I find out that he does exist, he can get in the pod of I, and play his tunes. Make it known, then make it noon. The brightest days. The highest haze. Wait for a while, while I'm awake. Making me smile is the kind of patience I have. Why is it all about me? Because only I make me climax. I can't trust another chick, because my heart has been guarded like the government was in it. But fuck it.

I'd rather be in tune with my mastery and being the majesty of a few, than to be ruining the mood of the room. Because of the hue. Green. Hugh Hefner in the nude scene. Knowing what to do, but choosing has me "at" me. Like "I need a response and people to watch". The Twitter reference might be from the pot, but you don't need me to stop. Jesus it's hot. Ridiculous, isn't it? Listen to the sentences. Giving a shit about dividends wasn't the past, but fuck it. It's in this glass.

God has not come down.
I am not around.
It's a rainy day, and I just want to sleep.
But I pray...

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Summer and I

I spent a lot of time recording outside of my retail album.
All the tracks I've recorded I'm very proud of.
Expect somewhat of a deluge this summer.

Summer being the best time to drop these, because I recorded them in sunny California.
Everyday is like a Harlem summer day out here.
I can't wait till you guys hear it.

I even got management excited about what I might drop.

I also want to dj more.
My music is fully digested when heard in a dj set.
And I have a very special dj set.
Trust me.

All I need is a decent venue and about two hours.
Guaranteed I'll have all y'all rockin to my rhythms.

I might drop a beat tape in the near future.
Just to let you know where I'm at production wise.
More to say, but I'm preparing to record another album.

If you guys could only see the process...

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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Pay It Forward

BIOGRAPHY: With a fresh pair of sneakers on & a scarf tied around his mic, Alfred Banks (Formerly Lyriqs da Lyraciss) adds a touch of individualism to Hip-hop. From his reputation for his energetic live shows to his never ending hustle, Alfred seems to have found the formula for success.

Raised in New Orleans, Alfred earned a full ride to Loyola University of New Orleans and decided to accept because of their strong music program. Initially, Alfred balanced a Job, school and music, but becoming homeless was the key factor in him leaving Loyola to pursue music full time. During his time there, Alfred teamed up with fellow Loyola alumni and superstar G-Eazy and created the song “My Style”. Around this time, Alfred also created UnderDogCentral. The term’s definition is: “The place where the overlooked go to hone their skills, to return and become the admired”. UnderDogCentral serves as Alfred’s label and social network handle, but most importantly a place where he can connect with his fans.

As for his live show, Alfred has created a reputation for an electric performance. He has toured the country playing at festivals like The A3C Festival in Atlanta, SXSW Festival in Austin and Recently BUKU Festival in New Orleans. Banks has shared stages with the likes of The Wu-Tang Clan, Lupe Fiasco, Rakim, Mac Miller, Chris Brown and many more. More recently, RevoltTv took notice to Alfred’s incredible live show and crowned him the 2015 Winner of their "LocalLoveTour”, which spanned 5 cities.

Alfred also earned the opportunity to open up The Red or Blue Pill Tour w/ XXL Freshman Mickey Factz covering 15 cities. Complex Magazine caught wind of this accomplishment and featured Alfred on their list of “10 Up-coming Emcees from New Orleans”. National Hiphop blog followed suit & featured Alfred on their list of "Top 5 Indie Rapper Spotlight from Louisiana”.

The UnderDogCentral brand will only grow as Alfred continues on his path. His grind and work ethic are the same as when he started. “If I keep the same motto of hard work pays off, I don’t think there is anything that can hold us back”.- Alfred Banks
Mickey Factz put me on to him.
He's cool.
Dope flow.
Good wordplay.
I just wanted to pass him on to you guys.
This particular project is a concept album about mental illness.
He said we was having a hard time getting blogs to talk about it, since it's "such a taboo topic".
Well, as long as he keeps the art pure, he's got a supporter in me.

Here's his latest EP, "A Beautiful Prelude".

White Flagz

May the perpetuated iconoclast of Beyonce stop, with this blog post.
She lyrically went OFF, and "had a message empowering to Black people".
Yes, she's beautiful.
But there is an edge to Beyonce.

An edge my current situation won't allow me to talk about.

But an edge I enjoy.

To me, she was the icon of idolatry, in a world where I reign supreme.
Married to a potential threat to my enterprise(s).

"But what do I know? I'm just a white kid..."
-Asher Roth, some freestyle

I have more to say, but I'll just sleep on it.
(winks to most iPhone users)


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Friday, 18 March 2016

Black Man, RISE!



Since the 1990s, Angry has contributed songs and played on many hit records. He wrote Christina Aguilera's "Slow Down Baby", Ja Rule's "Real Life Fantasy" and Melanie Fiona's "Priceless". He also played on records by Robbie Williams, Joss Stone and also toured with D'Angelo.

In 2010 he was the musical director for Off the Wall: A Michael Jackson Tribute. In 2013 he received a Grammy nomination as part of The Roots' record Undun.

On many occasions Angry collaborated with Cindy Blackman, Mike Mangini, Tom "Bones" Malone, David Gilmore, Betty Wright and James Poyser. He has also worked with Patti LaBelle, Louie Vega, Jeremiah, Mobb Deep, Peter Gallagher and Elliott Yamin. His nickname is "Mister Goldfinger".

    1996 - Yolanda Adams Live in Washington
    2003 - Sandy Rivera - In the House
    2004 - Joss Stone - Mind Body & Soul
    2004 - Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart - Alfie
    2006 - Robbie Williams - Rudebox
    2006 - Christina Aguilera - Back to Basics
    2007 - Mark Ronson - Version
    2008 - Taylor Dayne - Satisfied
    2009 - Melinda Doolittle - Coming Back to You
    2009 - Diane Birch - Bible Belt
    2009 - Melanie Fiona - The Bridge
    2010 - Daniel Merriweather - Love & War
    2010 - Miguel - All I Want Is You
    2010 - Chiara Civello - 7752
    2010 - Jaheim - Another Round
    2010 - The Roots - How I Got Over
    2011 - Dionne Warwick - Only Trust Your Heart
    2011 - Ayọ - Billie-Eva
    2011 - The Roots - Undun
    2011 - Nikki Jean - Pennis In A Jar
    2012 - Esperanza Spalding - Radio Music Society
    2012 - DJ Khaled - Kiss the Ring
    2012 - Joss Stone - The Soul Sessions Vol. 2
    2012 - Ja Rule - PIL2
    2012 - Estelle - All of Me
    2013 - James Maddock - Another Life
    2013 - Elvis Costello and The Roots - Wise Up Ghost & Other Songs
    2013 - John Legend - Love In The Future
    2013 - Jaheim - Appreciation Day
    2014 - Dianne Reeves - Beautiful Day
    2014 - The Roots - …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin
Ray basically made me believe I can be a musician in hip-hop/rap.
We met briefly in 2013.
We jammed together on New York Raining in 2014.
We performed together at SOBs in 2015.
He called me today.
I am still in awe that he thinks I'm a worthy pianist.
I try unconventional methods of what he does on the piano.
But my two motivations (other than him) will ALWAYS be Thelonious Monk and Alston "Jr." Farley.
Farley is a piano MASTER.
His chords should probably be as banned as mine were in London.
His improv is like a Twista freestyle on lean, to a Dip Set beat.

I love him.

I want to play more keys.
Lately (as evidenced by The Reaper Series), I've been treating my laptop as an MPC and synthesizer.
So my fingers have to get reacquainted with the piano.
I have a DOPE Alesis keyboard, but it's only USB.
I need a jam session.

I played the piano at my mother's funeral.
That's the last time I played the piano.
Felt like it was going to be the last time I played the piano, ever.
I gotta learn how to cope better.

This post is basically letting Black men know that the world will not be handed to them.
You have to outstretch your hands and prepare for the future yourself.
No one will do it for you.
And acting like the norm will not get you out of the prerequisite purgatory that comes with being a Black man.
There is a such thing as being sophisticated-ly ratchet (rachit).

Practice it.

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The Reaper Series, reposted.

 Click above

Click above
Click above

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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"Wonder Twins power, ACTIVATED!"

The difference between SEGA and Nintendo is the difference between knowing and believing.
Belief is merely unconfirmed certainty, disguised as wonder.
Knowledge is damn near physical.
Because Nintendo is an 8 (because of the 8-bit music and graphics), and had a relatable character as it's franchise (Mario), it's more likely that people will accept that the world at large is Nintendo.
However, SEGA is a 4.
And 4 is a factor of 8, though divisible by 2.
2, thus becoming the bottom line.

Love can be shared by many.
It would just be expanded beyond recognition.
Love, when it's a 2, is more powerful than both SEGA and Nintendo.

I have love for Nintendo.

But I have yet to find a love of my own, nonetheless love for myself.
I'm conceited, but I'm not as connected to myself as I would like to me.

I might just put out an instrumental album.
Just to let you know how I feel.

How do you really feel about me, Charles Hamilton?
Do you still care about what other people think of you?
Are you afraid of asking yourself what the problem is?

To the 3rd question, I have.
The problem is an individual.
A control freak.
A loving, yet self-centered control freak.

Maybe he's the 2 of love I've been searching for.
Except hate can be as strong as the love I possess.
Do I really have to pause anything at this point in my life?

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"I open my eyes, and I see..."

I knew 12/21/2012 was going to be a universal day of worship.
For ages, I thought I would be the recipient of such adoration.
Many challengers have come up.
Lupe Fiasco.
Only one has been deserving of my undying devotion.

J Dilla.

To discover that J Dilla is the real and true Sonic the Hedgehog takes me to a place I can't describe.

I failed in my mission to make the galaxy bow to one J Dilla. 
I put myself first.
For such, I know I am doomed.

But Galaxy, no matter what, keep Sonic in your heart.
He's just that awesome.

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Jump the Hamilton (3/6/16)

Seems like EVERYONE has something wild to say today.
My grandmother said I should stop putting out free music.
Chris Young (a new character in the Hamilton Universe; possibly Dilla) gave me a good "talking to" about saying I'm the CEO of Apple.

Two things I'm very passionate about.

I don't mind if you doubt I'm the CEO of Apple.
It's a heavy work load, and a 28-year old Black man would know nothing about running a Fortune 500 (primarily white) company.

But free music?

Me putting out free music is like paying tithes.
Despite how blasphemous my music can be.

And I know I talk too much in closed circles.

There's simply no secrets when it comes to me.
I know every secret.

People are concocting secrets (eg. Uber) to shock me with.
It's getting old.

Let's just get to what we came to do, now.

Shadow and I are at peace.
Mom (Sonic) is resting in peace (though immorta).
Grandma (Silver) is fine.

Then again, I might be jumping the gun again.
I might literally be making things harder on myself.
But what am I to do about further telepathic communication?

Do I have to cut the world off again?

It's not like they haven't cut/wrote me off before...

Shout out to all my female fans.
Though I doubt you'll understand what I go through, I know you guys deal with some real shit.

"Call it women's intuition, but I think I'm on to something here..."
-Incubus, "Just A Phase"

Ultimately, I want to do DJ sets of my original music.

Starting in NYC.
Possible country-wide tour.
Ultimately global, if Ol' Johnny Boy doesn't wake up.

There I go again.

Something I know that you don't, but still affects your everyday.

Such is frustrating, because my knowledge set is what has helped me survive thus far.

I think I need another Em album.

Then again, I might have to push myself to make another album

There we go!
Record again!!!

But who will hear it?
Without a label to clear my samples, it has to be free.

This sucks.
Good afternoon, world.
I get it.
Stop being so carefree.

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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Spud Mack

"Spud Mack is an entertainer of Haitian descent. His nickname 'Spudmackneasy' was given to him for being the ultimate party animal, which derived from the Budweiser dog Spud Makenzie. In songs he refers to himself as Spud Mack. There is an authenticity when Spud weaves these street hymns and stories. Spud was imprisoned for 6 years in 2005, which he does not use as a bragging point but, a point of reference for others to know which path to choose along with giving the listener a deep look at life from a first-hand experience. Checkout his debut mixtape 'Out The Mud', hosted by the streets A&R Bigga Rankin."

...also happens to be one of my best friends.

Check out his mixtape here.

It's been a long time coming for my dude. Please check out his music.

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Saturday, 5 March 2016

AlphaRetro Future

I do things in alphabetical order.
Especially in presentations.
It's a pretty recent development, but it works.
With that said, I am not choosing one side over the other with this piece.
Just trying to present a view of sound.

Nintendo makes music.
The difference is, Nintendo uses frequencies to produce music.
SEGA music is more live instrument based.
Yes, Nintendo makes cool music.
And it's cool to play their music on live instruments.
But SEGA makes real music.
Real, as in natural.
So it's more challenging to play SEGA music.

My whole career, I sampled music from, in, and around the SEGA universe.

Now, I'm standing at the doorway of the Nintendo Galaxy.
In there, John Nintendo is your creator.
He created this galaxy through music.
And an MPC 500.

And he has... or had, a beautiful wife.

Mary Nintendo.

Until he murdered her.
In cold blood.

John Nintendo has many secrets.
I'll elaborate as time passes.
But he has to wake up to fight his boss.


Who's identity in both the Nintendo and SEGA Galaxy remains a Gothic mystery.

To wake him up, I am turning samples into 8-bit chips.
With Force.

And playing them.
With my MacBook.

Thus, turning my laptop into an instrument.

I call this process OdDMinute.

I'm not finished exploring SEGA (😜), but we are facing a global emergency if I don't pay attention to Nintendo.
So I have to wisely divide my time between the two (2).
And music comes first.

I acknowledge the power of magick.

I'll be around.

~follow the buzzards~

Friday, 4 March 2016

Happy Birthday, Mom!

We only butted heads because we both knew what was best for me.
I love you.
Thank you.

Rest in peace.

~follow the buzzards~

Vinyl popping.

Witchcraft is not meant for people.
Nonetheless gay people.
But many wiccans are gay.
I am not gay.
I am a Wiccan.

Proud of it.

Don't want to be removed from it.

I just need to stake my claim as a true Solitary Witch.

Being gay is considered a sin, but what's a sin to a 6?
I'm just not interested in being gay.
Unless it's with J Dilla.
Or Jack Splash.
I can't with George.
I admire him too much.

It's not even so much about being gay,
so much as it's the kind of bond I want to share.
I want to bond with my other 3 again.

I want 4 to rise again.

I want my 4.

I still have my doubts about Dr. Dre, but only because she has that evil ass grin.

Believe it or not, this is part of the process of making a beat.

Thinking about the intricacies of SEGA.

Don't try to bite my process.
I will know the difference.

I like my new form of blogging.
When I post lyrics from my songs on here, you'll understand why I do it this way.
I do structure my sentences in my songs.
In fact, I write paragraphs.

But my paragraphs (lately) have been in poetry form.

And my sentences now have the strength of paragraphs.

I got into this thing where I record single songs with the content of an entire album.
So when I got back into making albums, I started making my albums shorter.
Now, every album is about 6-8 songs long.

I think that's what Jimmy was getting at.
The depth of my songs are so that a listener can only take small doses.

I kinda killed that with "Catholic Illuminati: Infinite Psalms".

It's still online.
Find the download link at the bottom of the blog.

I'm out.
Records to find.

~follow the buzzard~

The Reaper Series

Reaper is defined as a person or machine that harvests a crop.
So, are we as people harvested?
How grim is it to die, if you are merely a part of a harvest?
To play Devil's Advocate, how mere is it to be part of a harvest?

When you sign a deal with ANYONE (but especially in the music business), you become a crop.
Management harvests you, to the label.
The grim reaper(s) is/are the fans, as they determine the success of you and your craft.

I have my own reapers.
The doubt I can kill, but I can't avoid.
Fear is simply an aroma you can project; you just have to control it.
Frustration can be a sign of mastery.
So you feel frustration, the way you would a reaper.

Capital R in Reaper, by the way.

Below is The Reaper series.
I address my 3 reapers in a series of music, set to my own production (minus ONE Kanye instrumental).
Nothing written down (for the most part).
All organic.

Kill the Reaper (<---click here)

Fear the Reaper (<---click here)

Feel the Reaper (<---click here)

Here's to reaping the reward of working towards eternity and absolution. One of which will be achieved, in the long run.

Starchasers, feel free to make your own cover art. That's how you contribute to the music.

Thank you.

~follow the buzzards~

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Shoom Effect

I regret how I treated Christina.
I was very cold to her.
She's beautiful and didn't deserve how I did her.
She was willing to risk her life for me.
All I was asking for was someone to share life with. 
Found her.
Lost her.
As a man, it feels good to be the one to end the relationship.
But how far does that get you when you're alone?
I miss her.
I'm bottling up so much.
I know she was hurt by the way I treated her.

I notice I been crueler to women in relationships.
Especially my more recent ones.
I need another wake-up call.
Or another chance at love.

Or maybe I'm in too deep with music.

It seems like the kind of focus that goes into being a master is what goes into being an ideal lover.
I can't give that to you.
Music is my sole provider.
It's a sacrifice, trust me.
But my work speaks for itself.

But I really love Christina.
I wish her the best.
She's gonna be just fine.

We all are.

~follow the buzzards~