Saturday, 14 January 2017

Advice from a sunbeam.

Don't try to make hits.
Make what you feel.
As long as you have and understand rhythm, someone will move to your groove.

I feel somewhat empowered by yesterday's blog entry.

HchO has become my Jesus.
Whenever I get upset about my previous career moves, I just take it out on him.
It's wrong, but it's therapeutic.

Nah it's wrong.

Shout out my nigga Jarvis.
That's my boy right there.
Him and Julia were the Jay and Bey of high school.
As gorgeous as Julia is, out of respect for Jarv I would never try.
But they are both REAL AS SHIT!


I love Harlem.
I love The Bronx.
I love Queens.
I love Brooklyn.
And of course, SI.

But I miss Cleveland.

I don't miss the memories, but Cleveland winters are so cold, it's warm.
You just have to be from there to appreciate it.
The summer's are BEAUTIFUL.
I would marry a chick and move back home.

"...send the paperwork to Theo!"
-Rick Ross, "I'm Not A Star"

I miss that fat bastard.

I'm just gonna say what the industry has been thinking since he hit the scene.

I think he's Em... 🙃

~follow the buzzards~

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