Sunday, 8 January 2017

Alanis and Trent, in a glass house

I'm very transparent about my life and lifestyle.
Much to my dismay and detriment.
But I'm learning something about myself.

I can keep secrets!

However, this makes for a bounty on my interior.
So, out with it, at all times.

I have a successful album.
I have a beautiful girlfriend, who loves me inspire of my flaws and shortcomings.
I am engaged in an intense rap beef with a pop rapper.

Talking about myself gets exhausting.
Is this swag?
I don't think I like swag.
Charisma, yes, but no swag.
Swag seems biological.
If you can check someone's swag by looking at them, ...

Blah blah blah.
You get it.

I have a dope project I'm working on.
But since this mainstream release, I'm seeing that my listeners want my music served to them on a silver (ahem) platter.
Lord knows I need to vent.
And there are plenty of targets.

One thing I learned about releasing music is to have the ability to talk to the masses.
I kinda already knew it, but working with "professionals" made it much more apparent to me that you have to be aware of your audience.
In my case, I have about 7 people listening.

I call them StarChasers.

Oh yeah.
To YOU guys.
I've been admittedly very mean to you in my subconscious.
I'm not as loving as I used to be.
Because you guys aren't loving, AT ALL.
There's some dope StarChasers out there.
Astro, Jackie, Chris Baker, Tori, Andrew...
The rest of you want me to listen to your damn demo all the tine.

I want y'all to know this.
I use MYSELF as a medium for conversation and therapy.
Not as an A&R.
If you have something to say, be it negative or positive, SAY IT.
Don't try to make a hit record off me.

Some of you figured out I'm more than just a humble musician.
Things get done with me.
A LOT of things get done.

I just can't seem to figure out Drake.
Is he someone I know?
Does he really have that big of a vendetta against me?
I remember ranking him very high on my list of MCs in 2009.

On .

A URL of which I want to get back.
Fuckin Europeans...

I'm off track.

This new project.

It's gonna require me going into some (more) dire situations.
And asking questions to people who have answers they don't even know they have.
All to be prepared for a line of questioning in unprepared for.

So be prepared.

Hi, Scar!

~follow the buzzards~

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